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Tribute to Former Chairman, Mr David Eddy

After 26 years of dedicated service as Chairman of Marazion Community Association, David Eddy stepped down in 2021. At the AGM, Marazion Mayor, Derek Laity, warmly congratulated David for holding the ship steady for so long; overseeing the upkeep of the building which has housed countless groups and events over the years. 

The committee proposed a vote of thanks for his tireless service, to which he replied modestly, ‘we have a good committee, and I have only been the mouthpiece.’ He went on to thank the committee past and present who have supported him as Chairman; with special thanks to Maggie for so many years of work as Secretary and Treasurer. 

When interviewed about his life in Marazion, David spoke passionately about the role, saying ‘This Community Centre is here for everyone. No matter where you come from, you’d be welcome.’ 

His spirit has inspired others to continue to keep the hall the accessible, welcoming space it was designed to be, by Cyril Hales in the early eighties. Cyril was was the Chairman from the formation of the committee until 1996, when David took over.

David continues to serve on the committee, and has said ‘I hope to be able to keep my eye on things, and thought I might make a new position on the committee as Maintenance Officer, so that I can still have an interest in the Community Centre and keep myself useful.’

In his final address to the committee, he finished with mention of the people of Marazion for their support, the Town Trust as the Centre’s Trustees, the Town Council, and also Mr Martin Britten who continues to be the Centre’s Premises Supervisor. 

It is with huge gratitude that Marazion Community Association recognises David Eddy’s contribution to Marazion Community Centre and to Marazion. We warmly welcome new chairperson Penney Hosking, and look forward to more years with David as Maintenance Officer.